11:11 “11:11” (EP)

11:11 "11:11" (EP)

If there’s anything Toronto doesn’t lack, it’s insanely talented singers. Today I learned about a new one who goes by the name of 11:11. He just released his self-titled debut project, which is executive produced by Matthew Burnett and Mike DZL. “Most of us go through break-ups. Whether things end good or bad, it will always hurt. Even though it hurts, you’re not going to live in that forever…regardless of it ending…you’ll be good without them,” 11:11 tells Complex.

You’re definitely going to enjoy this one. Listen to the 7 track project below.

11:11 “11:11” (Tracklist):

1. West Side
2. You
3. BYO
4. I’m Good
5. My Bish
6. Henny & Gin
7. Don’t Worry

Sunglasses & Bandanas ? #truss

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