How sports betting fans can win big during the World Cup

In total, 3.2billion people watched the 2014 world cup, with a billion of those coming in the finals alone. Well, this event takes place after every four years, and this year’s edition is upon us. Those who can’t afford the ticket to Russia will be holed in their dens with TV sets in order to catch the action. There is an avalanche of talent in this World Cup, with teams like Brazil, Argentina, Germany and the Netherlands all fixing to kick some ball. With all this action coming up, every sports betting enthusiast needs to sit up and take notice. If you are looking to increase your chances of raking in some real winnings, here is a guide;

1. Find a site with a good sports betting bonus

Even if you have a fat bank roll, nothing beats playing for free at the beginning. There is a whole ton of betting places out there that provide you an incentive to come in and play by offering a sports betting bonus. These incentives are pegged on the type of action you are looking for. More bets mean more bonuses and more deposits increase the bonuses you are set to receive. One of the most famous sites is Bet365.

2. Diversify to include goal scorers

The World Cup is a pretty straightforward affair. Learn to go beyond team results and try to pick up some money by betting on who will score first. For this event, that’s pretty easy. If Argentina are playing, then you know that there is a strong chance that Lionel Messi will be the first goal scorer. If Uruguay are playing, then you know you only need to make a choice between Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani.

3. Bet on few teams

The World cup features 32 teams, divided in 8 groups of four, where each team in each group must play the others, making a total of 6 matches in a group. This means that in the group stages alone, a total of 48 games are played. That’s a lot of games, and you can’t bet on them all. Narrow your bets to three or four teams a pop.

4.  Know the sport

In soccer, nothing is not always what it seems. Big teams sometimes lose to small team, and if you know the sport, you can track and know what each big team’s Achilles Heel is. Get immersed in the sport and make sure that you read up a bit on the Head to Head stars between would-be rivals.