Woman calls 911 for help after gambling away a fortune at local casino

Authorities in Leeds, Ontario, are telling residents of the area to use 911 calls only for emergency purposes. This reminder comes after a woman called the local police department in the early hours of the morning to inform them that she had lost all her stash at the Thousand Islands Casino. The call came in from the 21 year-old casino patron at 5am in the morning. The caller needed police assistance getting home. However, as the police headed out to the casino, she called back and told them that she no longer needed their help because someone had given her $20 for the ride home.

Police officers however still confirmed with the casino security that the woman was well. Police constable Sandra bar says that people make non-emergency calls on 991, but that it is the first time she has had to deal with a casino related non-emergency.

Thousand Islands Casino

Canada and gambling

The Canadian authorities re pretty lax on gambling, which is why it exists at some level in the 10 provinces and three territories. However, since there are many independent jurisdictions within the country, the rules and extent of flexibility varies from place to place. Depending on the province, you can bet on sports, slots, place money on lotteries and even head out to casinos. In fact, Canada boasts over 100 brick and mortar casinos spread through the country. Out of the ten provinces, only Prince Edward Island, Labrador and New Brunswick lack casinos. This type of spread tells you that Canadians are avid gamblers, and they love wagering money on the floor.

In most jurisdictions, you are only allowed inside a casino if you are 19 and above. Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta however let in people as young as 18. There are strict rules against underage gambling across Canada, and they are actively enforced.

Canadian authorities also allow a certain degree of flexibility for those interested in online gambling. However, the law is a little more complicated in this scenario, as local companies are forbidden from operating any online gaming houses. Even more confusing is the situation where most online gaming entities serving the Canadian market exist in the Kahnawake Reserve, and this area is pretty much a part of Canada.

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