From the studio to the slots: Rappers who gamble

Rappers are our icons. To us, they are the ultimate manifestation of godly power and charm. They love more than anything to get jiggy on the stage, and that just about makes our days and nights. However, these heroes of the genre have a life away from the limelight, and to a large extent, their private idiosyncrasies are unknown. We know that they love to have fun but beyond that generic pastime, we don’t know much. Turns out that just like yourself, your favorite rapper is a great fan of the casinos. Don’t believe it? Then here is a list of rap artists whose second love is gambling:

1. Young Thug

Thug is regarded as one of the best rap acts to come up over the last few years, but close associates say that his first love is actually gambling. He is widely regarded as an avid gambler, and his team actually indicate that they have to keep an eye on him and dissuade him when he seems to be spending too much time at the tables. An XXL story is told about how Thug was cleaned out of tens of stacks but fought back to gain back all his cash and then won a $100,000 watch right after that. Thug’s favorite game is dice, and he likes going at it with his boys. A sad twist to the story is that the rapper’s brother died as a result of a gambling argument.

It is reported that Thug is so slick and prolific with his table game that other gamblers refer to him as ‘Slime’.

2. Jay-Z

Shawn Carter has ’99 problems, but money ain’t one’. The Brooklyn-born mega star has been the face of rap for well over 2 decades and continues to put together iconic titles. He has used his rap money to invest in tens upon tens of highly successful businesses and does not look like he will be falling off the scene anytime soon. You might have already gotten the hint that this is the sort of guy with a real nice chump change, and people like that are sometimes inclined to lose some of that weight. Well, Mr. Hova loves him a night out at the casinos, and even the incredibly beautiful Beyonce doesn’t seem to be able to hold him back from what the man himself loves to do. His favorite game is poker and he is known as one of the handful of fearless rappers out there willing to bet big and ride the night out. The rapper has also indicated that he has some passion for blackjack, and he likes to play in discrete dens in New York and Vegas. On a night out in Vegas, Carter is said to have lost a heave-inducing $500,000. It did not happen in a week or a day. Or even an hour. It happened in a matter of seconds, with a single hand of poker. A drop in the ocean for him perhaps, but it must have stung badly, that’s for sure.

When on the Cruise, Jay-Z has been observed to play Guts, a variation of poker. So much is his passion for the tables that he has at times taken to the studio to talk about some of his notable gambling exploits.

3. Bird man

Sure, there are many casinos out there, but the co-founder of Cash Money Records loves to do it from the comfort of his home. Yeah, he loves the other world, where you get to place bets on sports from the comfort of your couch. Some of us love online sports betting because some apps have no wagering requirements and promise big gambling wins. However, Birdman does it for the thrill of it, and will always bet on big games. In 2011, the rapper predicted that Miami Heat would take home the championship by trouncing the Dallas Mavericks. He was wrong, losing a jaw-dropping $2 million. He was however right when he rooted for the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl 45, taking home $1 million.


Whether they go out to play high limit baccarat, try a hand on dice or just chill with good old poker, some rappers like to gamble. And while they do win at times, you could argue that they do it for the adrenaline rush.